A new feature on the Plans Status & Application Submittal Portal allows users to submit corrections (Rework) to a UP Number. Videos & Trending Topics; Miami Gardens is a City with endless possibilities. Review the Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Life Safety Pre-Submittal Checklist. Reminder: These documents are NOT applications (other than the legacy permit, see below). State of Florida Department of Health onsite sewage treatment and disposal site evaluation and system specifications. Provide components and details, as applicable. The form requires that the owner attest that they are aware of the requirements of Section 33-1 and 33-20 for the Miami-Dade County Code and that the plans being submitted for permit meet those requirements. If you're trying to get a floating meter, you will need a permit from The City in order to acquire County approval. ANA M. SALGUEIRO, P.E.Building Official / Director, Main Office 1700 Convention Center Drive,Miami Beach, FL 33139, North Beach Office 962 Normandy Drive, Miami Beach, FL 33141. Read about how to obtain a Ship Chandler/Supplier Permit at PortMiami. This period will end on July 12, 2020. The City of Miami announced today that it has achieved LEED Gold certification. If you are unsure how to use this portal, please view our submitting documentsinstructions. Get a Permit to Install Solar Panels Read about requirements to apply for a Disabled Person Parking Permit. City of Miami - Building Department. Explore Miami's Finances. How do i do i should generally work for animals on city of miami building permit application is no more, customize your application will enter project, engineer . One-Time Permits may be required prior to construction or modification of a building structure or property (i.e. For more information on MDPIC services during the COVID-19 please visit Temporary Construction and Permitting Procedures. Building Department's agent. Obtain or check the status of your application using the Portal or the E-permitting system. Vehicles and boats can be displayed for sale in unincorporated Miami-Dade County residential districts, but certain conditions must be met. Expedited Plan Reviews, Expedited Fire Review and Joint Plan Review requests. Read about how to obtain Equipment Leasing Business Permits at PortMiami. Asael Marrero is an Executive Leader with over twenty (20) years of professional supervisory experience in the architecture / engineering, construction and permitting field, which includes over Fifteen (15) years of diverse County / City government management. The HVHZ Roof Permit Form for Sprayed Polyurethane Foam (SPF) Support Flashing Detail is required. Email: BuildingViolations@MiamiBeachfl.gov, Mashaer Ismail, Operations Manager . This page is a work in a progress, more to come! Instructions and information you may need once your project has begun. All Inspectors shall read and become familiar with these procedures. Amendments to City zoning rules and approvals for specific districts. Site Design by Aha Consulting. Applicants proposing a replacement of a sanitary line can obtain a Plumbing Permit under Category 0025. Covenant-Form-Rezoning(DOCX,37KB) Are you doing construction or hosting a special event that requires extra water (for portable bathrooms, for instance)? Important links on permit, building, compliance, certificates and inspections. The Building Department enforces codes and regulations established by the State of Florida and Miami-Dade County governing the construction, alteration, and maintenance of buildings and structures within the City of Miami for the protection of residents and property. These facilities are categorized as FOG generators. Read the commercial photography and filming regulations at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, as well as fees and contact information. Hurricane Tree Preparedness & Post-Storm Maintenance, Hurricane Preparedness for Building Purposes, Permit and Inspection Utilization Report (work in progress). Provide parapet wall height, over flow scupper size, and height above low point of roof. Read the fees and guidelines for productions at the Deering Estate at Cutler. Under Florida law, building code inspections and plan reviews may be performed by qualified, state-licensed private sector personnel, subject to restrictions. Legislative Hub. Permitting for Contractors. Information about hurricane mitigation: retrofit requirements and/or secondary waterproofing when an existing roof is replaced, roof sheathing, roof systems required to have secondary water barrier protection, and roof to wall connections. Address Change Checklist 2021(PDF,185KB), TenantImprovementHoldHarmlessAndIndemnificationAgreement(PDF,244KB), affidavit_of_compliance_roof_decking.pdf(PDF,382KB), affidavit_of_compliance_roof_to_wall.pdf(PDF,390KB), Change Of Architect or Engineer(PDF,230KB), CANCELLATION Of REVISION REQUEST FORM(PDF,409KB), Plan Process number Cancellation(PDF,87KB), Building Form for Special Events(PDF,130KB) (this is not the Special Event application), FireRatedJointPenetrationAffidavit.pdf(PDF,368KB), owner_affidavit-of-exemption.pdf(PDF,408KB), Re-Nailing-affidavit-of-compliance_roof-decking.pdf(PDF,381KB), Roofing-Owners-Notification-Considerations.pdf(PDF,670KB), SoundTransmissionAffidavit.pdf(PDF,401KB), Uniform Roofing Application Form(PDF,673KB), Standard Detail- Masonry Fence(PDF,268KB), Standard Detail - Metal Fence(PDF,280KB). A film permit in Miami Beach or Miami-Dade County requires an insurance certificate for General Liability Insurance. 20%-Attainable-Mixed-Income-with-Impact-Fee-Deferral-Covenant-Template(DOCX,42KB) . General information on refunds and permit cancellations. The HVHZ Roof Permit Form for Edge Nailable Deck Detail requires the noted components and their details to be illustrated, as applicable. The HVHZ Roof Permit Form for Waterproofing or Liquid Applied Roof Systems assembly shall comply with all the requirements as listed in section 1519.16 Waterproofinglocated in the HVHZ section of the Florida Building Code. Your plans and permit must be at the construction site and the address properly posted and visible from the street. Read about how to obtain a Cartage/Trucking Permit at PortMiami. The permit provides operating conditions and requirements as well as guidance for the operator. You can contact us at 305-416-1139or email us at hoabuilding@miamigov.com. A burn permit is required for all open fires in Miami-Dade County, except cooking fires. aware that when you exit this site, you are no longer protected by our privacy or Public Meetings. Building Department, Second Floor. New Social Services Coordinator jobs added daily. Appointments to meet with the Building Official/Director, Deputy Director, Assistant Director, or the Building Operations Manager can be scheduled via telephone at 305.673.7610, extension 26130. ProjectDox is the portalto upload plans and documents for permitting purposes. See the Fee Schedule for Air Operating Permits. Filming and Events. Read important information about applying for a film permit, including how to: Miami-Dade County issues film permits on behalf of 16 municipalities, including Hialeah, South Miami, Miami Gardens, Sunny Isles Beach, Miami Lakes and more. The Industrial Facilities (IW5) permit is used to regulate facilities that use or store small quantity hazardous materials or waste. See detailed guidelines for new windows or door opening in existing masonry wall. Under current permitting processes, small solar photovoltaic (PV) projects are permitted via the Concurrent Plans and Processing (CPP) system. The Overtime Inspection Request form must be completed and signed. Read the guidelines for Flat Wall Sign Mounting. Section C2 of the HVHZ Electronic Roof Permit Form is required. Pursuant to Section 2-33(l) of the Code of the City of Miami, Florida, as amended, a special meeting of the Miami City Commission will be held on Monday, September 27, 2021, at 10:00 a.m. in the City Commission chambers located at Miami City Hall, 3500 Pan American Dr, Miami, FL 33133. 14) This Code of Ordinances and/or any other documents that appear on this site may not reflect the most current legislation adopted by the Municipality. The Miami Gardens Citizen Self Service (CSS) portal is the next-generation service site for the City of Miami Gardens permitting, planning, business tax receipt, and code compliance records, applications, and requests. The project has a dollar value of $50,000 or more. A permit form required for the demolition of an elevator. Read more about insurance requirements. This form gives a general list of items required for approval of a Building Permit by Zoning Plans Processing. Get permits to host a temporary event, a special event, or to film in The City of Miami. The orderly review and timely processing, issuance and inspection of building permits ensures construction within the City complies with the provisions of all applicable codes to enhance the general quality of life. Issuing of contractor licenses and approvals of construction materials and products. Contractors may submit permit applications for the electrical, mechanical, plumbing, roofing and gas trades, pay the fees and print their permit card online. Follow us on Twitter View Permit History/Permit Search. The copy of the Miami Beach Building Department permit application can be downloaded by logging in to the Miami Beach Citizen Self Service(CSS) portal and clicking on the . Read the regulations and fees to film in the village of Key Biscayne. See the items needed for approval of overhead sectional doors. NOTE: Customer kiosks are located on the fourth floor (at the permit counter lobby, the Miami Field Center, and the business center), as well as on the first floor at the general help desk. City of Miami Springs | 201 Westward Drive | Miami Springs, FL 33166 | (305) 805-5000. Walk-through and inspect the house with the developer/builder or their designee prior to signing the closing documents. Please find the templates, below. She is also an adjunct professor at the University of Cincinnati in its College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning (DAAP) in the School of Planning. Read the regulations and fees to film in the village of Pinecrest, and complete the film permit application. We encourage all our patrons to review the MeetQ user guide for instructions. The Certificate of Use assures that the business is allowed in the zoning district where it is located. The department is a professional organization committed to preserving the health, safety, and welfare of its residents, businesses and the general public through interpretation and enforcement of the Florida Building Code, as well as other applicable regulations governing construction and land use. First-time users are encouraged to review the Municipal CU user guide, which provides instructions for accessing the system, submitting the application, submitting corrections and viewing the approval documents. Read about requesting and applying for a roadway memorial marker. Application forms, checklists and affidavits. Do I need a permit for a simple repair costing $500 or less? See drawing guidelines for security bars, grilles and grates at windows. The criteria includes the core review, tree section review, industrial review, paving and drainage review, and air/asbestos/stage II review. Please note that miamidade.gov no longer supports Internet Explorer. Get information about doing business at Miami International Airport or other County airports. A wireless alarm system is defined as a burglar alarm or smoke detector (with a 10-year battery) that is not hardwired. Read the regulations to film in the City of Miami Beach. Please submit your request via email to: buildingadmin@miamibeachfl.gov. The department embraces Building, Engineering and Business Licensing and Housing Compliance Divisions, covering your A to Z needs for the construction/development process in addition to housing code compliance, business licensing services and business development resources. Monday - Friday. The floodproofing of non-residential buildings may be permitted as an alternative to elevating to or above the Base Flood Elevation; however, a floodproofing design certification is required. If you want to remove a tree and are not doing any other construction, you need a standalone tree permit. Read more about how to obtain Tow Trucks and Vehicle Delivery Business Permits at PortMiami. Asael Marrero is an Executive Leader with over twenty (20) years of professional supervisory experience in the architecture / engineering, construction and permitting field, which includes over Fifteen (15) years of diverse County / City government management. See the Plumbing and Gas Fee Sheet rates. A library of documents required to be submitted during the permitting process. The Class II Permit is needed to control stormwater discharge to any surface water in Miami-Dade County. Title holders of foreclosed properties must obtain a Certificate of Use (CU) prior to offering the property for sale, transfer or alienation. Other State and County regulatory departments and agencies may require approvals or permits. The City is part of a growing group to be certified using the LEED for Cities rating system. Read information and complete the required form for a special events permit for a State of Florida road. Every effort will be made to have Fast Track review within 3-5 business days and Drop Off review within 9 business days. Code Enforcement . This workshop discussed the Electrical and Structural requirements on plans to obtain permits for solar PV systems, thus expediting permit issuance and reducing time-consuming reworks. Joinder-by-Mortgagee-Declaration(DOCX,29KB) 305-416-1100. The Class VI Permit is needed for the installation of a drainage system for any project that has known soil or groundwater contamination; or that uses, generates, handles, disposes of, discharges, or stores hazardous materials. Read the Photo and Film Shoot permitting requirements at Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park in Key Biscayne as well as fees, rules and required form. The HVHZ Roof Permit Form for Single Ply Membrane Coping Metal Detail requires component information. Adopt - a - Traffic Circle. Guide to Getting a Permit Member since 2022. Most new buildings and remodeled areas of existing buildings are required to be accessible, and handicapped parking spaces must be provided. Learn about requirements, schedule, cancel and track inspections. If Microsoft Teams is used for the meeting, you will receive an additional invite with the meeting link prior to the appointment. Create a Website Account - Manage notification subscriptions, save form progress and more. Section C of the HVHZ Roof Permit Form allows specific roof assembly components to be provided. Read general information about getting the proper permits to erect temporary structures such as tents and membrane structures. Please be Master, Shop Drawings, Revision, Extension, Reissue, Supplemental, Demolition, Change of Contractor, Signs and Environmental permits. The Cookie Cutter Program was designed to expedite the plan review process for the construction of a model of home that is being built on a repetitive basis. The E-Permitting system allows qualified contractors to obtain permits for addresses located in the unincorporated portions of Miami-Dade County. Price: US $4.09. The HVHZ Roof Permit Form for Wood Nailer Edge Insulated Nailable Deck Detail requires the noted components and their details to be illustrated, as applicable. Miami, FL, 33130, Commissioner Alex Diaz de la Portilla - District 1, Public Comment Instructions for City Commission, Boards & Committees, Public Art Division, Art in Public Places (AIPP), Historic & Environmental Preservation Board (HEPB), Miami Forever Bond (MFB) - Citizens' Oversight Board, February 27, 2023 Special Election to Fill the Vacant District 2 Seat, Candidates and Campaign Treasurer Reports, Committees and Campaign Treasurer Reports, Elections Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), 2022 City of Miami Special Election - November 8, 2022, 2021 City of Miami General Municipal and Special Elections, 2022 City of Miami Special Election - August 23, 2022, View City of Miami Code of Ordinances (Municode), Standard Naming Convention for Drawings & Documents, Submit Plans (Drawings) & Documents Electronically, Apply for a Temporary Occupancy Permit (TOP) - Construction Related, Get a Standalone Fire Alarm or Sprinkler Permit, Obtain a Standalone Tree Permit (No Construction), Get a Temporary Use Permit (TUP) on Vacant Land, Get a Temporary Event Permit (TEP) for COVID Testing or Vaccine Site, Get a DERM Inspection for a Certificate of Use (CU), Request Inspections for Certificate of Use, How to use the Interactive Mapping Tool (GIS), Add/Update a Contractor on a Building Permit, Get a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (TCO) or Completion (TCC), Get a Certificate of Occupancy (CO) or Completion (CC), City of Miami Building Permit Fee Schedule, Get a Demolition Permit (Total or Partial), Request Tree Trimming or Pruning on City Property, Appeals Recently Received by Hearing Boards, Request a Hearing for a Planning or Zoning Application, Appeal an Interpretation, Determination, or CU Denial or Revocation, Appeal Permit/Property Specific or Qualified Applicant Mural Decision, Request a Hearing for an Historic Preservation Permit Application, Get a Special Certificate of Appropriateness (SCOA), Determine if Your Property is in an Archeological Conservation Area, Request a Fire & Life Safety Expedited Review, Get a Temporary Banner Permit for an Event, Access Current City Procurement Contracts, Access Current Solicitations (Bids + Proposals), Apply for ACH/Direct Deposit with the City, Guide to Opening a Business in The City of Miami, Covenant: Perpetual Sidewalk Easement Application & Documents, Hold Harmless Agreement (Subdivision Regulation), View Garbage Pickup, Recycling, and Bulky Trash Schedules, Request a "No Dumping" or "Curb Your Pet" Sign, Hurricane Tree Preparedness & Post-Storm Maintenance, Find Open Facilities Before & After Hurricanes, Hurricane Preparedness for Building Purposes, Home Owner Association (HOA) - Coconut Grove, Homeowners Association (HOA) - Wynwood / Edgewater, Homeowners Association (HOA) - Little Haiti, Home Owner Association (HOA) - Downtown / Brickell, Homeowners Association (HOA) - Little Havana, Homeowners Association (HOA) - Model City, Homeowners Association (HOA) - Upper Eastside, Register Vacant or Abandoned Structure or Lot, Apply for a Restricted Job (City of Miami Employees Only), Subscribe to City Job Opening Notifications, City of Miami Jobs: Eligibility & Ineligibility, View City of Miami Zoning Code (Miami 21), Find Homeowner Association (HOA) Information, Get a WDRC Recommendation for a Development Project, Emergency Rental Assistance (ERA) Program, Secure Zoning Forms for Affordable Housing, Apply for Single Family Rehabilitation/Replacement (Low-Income), Business Continuity Micro Enterprise Program Application 2, Apply for a Large Group Food Distribution Permit for the Homeless, Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau. Commercial chain link fence permit requires Building Permit Application. There may be soft corners, worn edges, ". TDD AH Payout Application Form NRD(PDF,493KB). Read the regulations and fees to film in the city of Coral Gables. Planning & Zoning Department; Applications/Permits; . Read about how to obtain a PortMiami business permit. Read information about permits required for County or State road closures. The Elevation Certificate is used by municipal officials to determine if the existing structure, recently completed structure, or substantially damaged or improved structure is in compliance with Federal and local elevation requirements. List of "approved as noted" criteria for commercial, industrial and residential zoning approvals. Burglar alarm labels will be issued for the aforementioned commercial work including multi-family buildings. Searches can be performed by folio, address, property owner name, property house number, street and case number. The Industrial Facilities (IW-O) permit is used to regulate facilities that store, handle, use or generate hazardous materials or hazardous waste throughout Miami-Dade County. Permitting and Inspection Center 18605 NW 27th Avenue Miami Gardens FL 33056, Phone: 305-622-8027 or 305-622-8000, Option 4. Read about how to obtain Car Rental Non-Concessionaire Business Permits at PortMiami. See a detailed drawings outlining masonry fence permit guidelines. Miami Building Department Contact Information. Watch live and learn why they call Miami the Magic City. Read the requirements for short-term events. We recommend The Building Department's offices are currently operating virtually. Concierge Plan Review is an optional service designed to expedite the issuance of a permit for large commercial buildings by working with a team of experienced plan reviewers. A regularly scheduled meeting of the Miami City Commission will be held on Thursday, May 13, 2021 at 9:00 a.m. at Miami City Hall. This application is required to be reviewed. The department is a professional organization committed to preserving the health, safety, and welfare of its residents, businesses and the general public through interpretation and enforcement of the Florida Building Code, as well as other applicable regulations governing construction and land use. The required Electrical Inspection Report to determine whether a grow house structure meets Miami-Dade County Code. We are committed to creating a safe, healthy and thriving residential and commercial environment to sustain and enhance the economic vitality of our community. from a school to a restaurant),while a Certificate of Completion (CC) is needed for remodels, renovations and shell buildings. As of October 1, 2010 a 1.5% surcharge will apply to all permits, payable to the State of Florida Department of Community Affairs. Section 24-18(A)17 of the Miami-Dade County Code requires that a Stratospheric Ozone Protection (APCF) Permit is required. See the varying per-day, per-vehicle and per-hour fees to film at Crandon Park. See the fees to hire Miami-Dade Police and Fire Rescue services for productions. Requires a Zoning Improvement Permit (ZIP). Inspection Request Form. A signature of a notary public is required. Section E of the HVHZ Roof Permit Form is used for tile calculations. A form seeking a temporary certificate of operation for elevators. BuildingInspection@MiamiBeachfl.gov, For all contractor registration related matters including updating licenses and insurances: An interactive resource for understanding the key metrics driving resident satisfaction. Review approved criteria and guidelines to ensure the construction project is designed in compliance with the code. Assisted Living Facilities ALF(PDF,255KB), Certificate-of-Appropriateness(PDF,207KB), Certificate of Transfer Affordable Housing Payout -NRD 1(PDF,812KB), Development Agreement Checklist(PDF,258KB), ePLAN-Public-Benefits-Checklist(PDF,185KB), Special Area Plan Designation Checklist(PDF,277KB), Special Area Plan (SAP) Permit Checklist(PDF,188KB), Special-Certificate-of-Appropriateness(PDF,205KB), TDD-Certificate-of-Transfer-NRD-1(PDF,248KB), TDR-Certificate-of-Transfer-NRD-1(PDF,248KB), TDD-Certificate-of-Transfer-for-Historic-Resources(PDF,189KB), TDR-Certificate-of-Transfer-for-Historic-Resources(PDF,258KB), TDD-Certificate-of-Eligibility-for-Historic-Resources(PDF,152KB), TDR-Certificate-of-Eligibility-for-Historic-Resources(PDF,264KB), Temporary-Use-Permit-Vacant-Land-Only(PDF,176KB), Transfer of Development Density (Covenant Checklist)(PDF,202KB), Transfer of Development Rights (Covenant Checklist)(PDF,203KB), Unity-of-Title / Covenants-Checklist(PDF,157KB), Disclosure Affidavit of No Monies Due to the City(PDF,180KB) The Hydrant Water Meter Request Form is to be completed and must specify fixed meter or floating meter. Plans, specifications, plats, reports, or other documents submitted in electronic format for review must be signed and sealed electronically. TDR-Covenant-Protected(DOCX,37KB) Legend data required for BU (Business) Zoning District plans. On the effective date, MeetQ will replace the QMS and e-Appointment systems that currently allow you to request appointments and sign up for services. Pursuant to Section 2-33(l) of the Code of the City of Miami, Florida, as amended, a special meeting of the Miami City Commission will be held on Saturday, January 7, 2023, at 11:00 a.m. in the City Commission chambers located at Miami City Hall, 3500 Pan American Dr, Miami, FL 33133. Provisions and requirements for owner-builders who are applying for a driveway construction permit. of Transportation Special Events Permit - Temporary Closing or Special Use of State Road, http://www.filmiami.org/pdf/May2010/FDOT_Checklist.pdf, Deering Estate Film and Photography Permit Rules and Regulations, http://www.filmiami.org/deering_estate_regulations.asp, https://vizcaya.org/visit/photography-and-filming/, Zoo Miami Film and Photography Permit Fees, http://www.filmiami.org/Metrozoo_fees.asp, http://filmiami.org/pdf/2015/STUDENT%20FILM%20GUIDELINES%20FOR%20WEBSITE-final.pdf, Visit the Student Film Permitting Guidelines Web Page, State Permit for Entertainment Industry to Hire Minors, http://www.filmiami.org/pdf/permit_to_hire_dbpr_fcl_1001_with_checklist.pdf, State Code for Entertainment Industry to Employ Minors, Final Report on Minors Employed by Entertainment Industry, Film Production Rates to Hire Police and Fire Department Staff Off Duty and Equipment, http://www.filmiami.org/off_duty_rates.asp, Filming During Marine Turtle Nesting Season, http://www.filmiami.org/turtle_nesting.asp, Special Events Film Permit Conditions for Marine Turtle Guidelines, Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park Photo and Film Shoot Permit Requirements, http://www.filmiami.org/pdf/Cape_Florida_Photo_Film_Shoot.pdf, Medical Examiner - Indemnity and Hold Harmless Agreement for Use of Facilities, http://www.filmiami.org/pdf/fpw_Med_Ex_Waiver.pdf, Commercial Mechanical Plan Review Guidelines, http://www.miamidade.gov/permits/library/guidelines/mechanical-commercial.pdf, Residential Mechanical Plan Review Guidelines, http://www.miamidade.gov/permits/library/guidelines/mechanical-residential.pdf, Mechanical Inspection Guidelines and Checklist, http://www.miamidade.gov/permits/library/checklists/mechanical-inspection.pdf, https://www.miamidade.gov/global/permit.page?Mduid_permit=per1506029482506392, https://www.miamidade.gov/global/permit.page?Mduid_permit=per1533320596385535, Disabled Person Parking Permit Application, Residential Plumbing Plan Review Guidelines, http://www.miamidade.gov/permits/library/guidelines/plumbing-residential.pdf, Commercial Plumbing Plan Review Guidelines, http://www.miamidade.gov/permits/library/guidelines/plumbing-commercial.pdf, Plumbing Inspection Guidelines and Checklist, http://www.miamidade.gov/permits/library/checklists/plumbing-inspection.pdf, http://www.miamidade.gov/permits/library/drawings/sanitary-line-replacement.pdf, http://www.miamidade.gov/permits/library/forms/grow-house-plumbing-inspection.pdf, https://www.miamidade.gov/building/library/memos/notice-to-pool-spa-contractor.pdf, http://www.miamidade.gov/permits/library/forms/pw-permit-application.pdf, Driveway Permit Owner-Builder Instructions, http://www.miamidade.gov/publicworks/block-party.asp, Change of Contractor Instruction Sheet - Public Works, http://www.miamidade.gov/weeklyplatreport/default4.aspx?Imagename=Change_of_Contractor_Instructions.pdf, Public Works Review Checklist for Residential Building Permit Approval, http://www.miamidade.gov/permits/library/checklists/public-works-residential.pdf, Public Works Review Checklist for Commercial Building Permit Approval, http://www.miamidade.gov/permits/library/checklists/public-works-commercial.pdf, Public Works Review - "Approved as Noted" Criteria, http://www.miamidade.gov/permits/library/public-works-criteria.pdf, http://www.miamidade.gov/environment/flood-elevation.asp, Search Environmental Public Records (including Elevation Certificates), Flood Elevation Certificate in Unincorporated Miami-Dade County, http://www.miamidade.gov/permits/flood-elevation-county.asp, Flood Elevation Certificate in a Municipality, http://www.miamidade.gov/permits/flood-elevation-city.asp, http://www.miamidade.gov/publicworks/library/reports/fema-elevation-certificate.pdf, FEMA Floodproofing Certificate for Non-Residential Structures, http://www.miamidade.gov/publicworks/library/permits/floodproofing-certificate.pdf, http://www.miamidade.gov/publicworks/memorial-markers.asp, Utility Companies Permitting on Public Rights-of-Way, https://www.miamidade.gov/publicworks/utilities.asp, Construction Within Right-of-Way Permit Covenant for a Corporation, https://www.miamidade.gov/apps/rer/weeklyplatreport/default4.aspx?Imagename=Construction%20Covenant%20Updated%2002132019.pdf, Work Information Form for Construction Performed on Rights-of-Way, Maintenance of Landscaping Within Right-of-Way Permit Covenant for a Corporation, http://www.miamidade.gov/apps/rer/weeklyplatreport/default4.aspx?Imagename=Landscape Covenant-Updated 02132019.pdf, Construction Within Right-of-Way Permit Covenant for an Individual, Maintenance of Landscaping Within Right-of-Way Permit Covenant for an Individual, https://www.miamidade.gov/permits/library/forms/pw-permit-owner-instructions.pdf, http://www.miamidade.gov/permits/library/roofing-permit.pdf, Certification of Flue Vents present during Re-roofing, http://www.miamidade.gov/permits/library/forms/cetification-of-combustion-flue-vents.pdf, http://www.miamidade.gov/permits/library/forms/ridge-ventilation-calculations-form.pdf, New enhancement to e-Permitting System Application for Single Ply Membrane, ePermitting Enhancement for Single Ply Membrane, http://www.miamidade.gov/building/library/flyers/e92-single-ply-membrane-update.pdf, Guidelines for the Roofing E-Permitting System, http://www.miamidade.gov/permits/library/guidelines/roofing-e-permitting-system.pdf, Guidelines for Metal Roof Panels E-Permitting System, http://www.miamidade.gov/permits/library/guidelines/e-permitting-guidelines-metal-roofs.pdf, Roofing Inspection Report for permits issued before 3/1/2002, http://www.miamidade.gov/permits/library/roofing-inspection-report.pdf, http://www.miamidade.gov/permits/hurricane-mitigation.asp, Hurricane Mitigation Roof Retrofit Forms for Single-Family Homes, Affidavit of Compliance With Roof-To-Wall Connection, Owners Affidavit of Exemption Roof-to-Wall Connection, Owner's Notification for Roofing Considerations, http://www.miamidade.gov/permits/library/roof-owners-notification.pdf, Compliance with Roof Decking Attachment and Secondary Water Barrier Hurricane Mitigation Retrofit for Existing Single-Family Structures, http://www.miamidade.gov/permits/library/roof-deck-attachment.pdf, http://www.miamidade.gov/permits/library/roof-section-a-b.pdf, HVHZ Roof Permit Form - 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